Suggested changes in sports culture to prevent head injuries and concussions

concussions in sports

Concussions have plagued North American football and NHL for decades now and as the sports have kept their physical nature, the amount of head injuries are not showing signs of decreasing. This has caused concern between athletes, teams, fans and even sponsors as well (1). With an estimated 1.6-3.8 million sports-related concussions annually in the United States alone (2), the amount of concussions in sports has put pressure on professional and youth leagues to overcome the issue and make the game safer. Continue reading “Suggested changes in sports culture to prevent head injuries and concussions”

The Revolution of technology in professional sports

Today’s professional sports is a multi-billion dollar business and it is at a level in which physical differences are incredibly narrow. This is also the reason why athletes and professional teams are looking into new fields like sports psychology and sports science to get that ever so important competitive edge. The demand for sport-specific data has definitely gotten professional teams of multiple different sports on their toes. This data can provide helpful information and enhance in-game performance.

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10 Reasons why you need more sleep

We all need sleep and rest.

Whether you are an office worker or an athlete there is still a need to balance your everyday life into staying in motion and staying still. It’s like breathing – in and out, action and reaction, yin and yang.

In order to get training results, the body needs to adapt to the stress caused by the exercise. To properly recover both physically and psychologically the body needs sleep and rest. During that time the muscles start to repair and strengthen themselves while replenishing energy stores, or muscle glycogen (1). If the body does not get the recovery it needs the muscles will not be able to regenerate or restore the muscle glycogen.  Continue reading “10 Reasons why you need more sleep”

To carb or not to carb?


The media is littered with different diets and methods to stay in shape for beach season which in itself should not be seen as a bad thing. I think it is a smart idea to think about what you have on your plate as long as your choices are not unfounded. (Just remember, if someone is trying to convince you of something revolutionary, they are probably just trying to sell their product or service.)

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