To carb or not to carb?


The media is littered with different diets and methods to stay in shape for beach season which in itself should not be seen as a bad thing. I think it is a smart idea to think about what you have on your plate as long as your choices are not unfounded. (Just remember, if someone is trying to convince you of something revolutionary, they are probably just trying to sell their product or service.)

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Nutritional guidelines – Do we need them?

Nutritioinal Guidelines

Upon scrolling through the internet and searching for health and nutrition gurus’ you will eventually see people challenging these existing advices. Yes, their own lifestyle change it might have worked for them individually and they might even have a few happy customers, but does it have the same believability than that of a long-term scientific research? Sometimes the reason why these findings become public is that it challenges the existing norm. And obviously, they sellContinue reading “Nutritional guidelines – Do we need them?”